Membership Renewal

IEEE Telkom University Student Branch serves Telkom University students who want to extend their IEEE membership active period. If you want to renew your membership, please follow these steps below.

  1. Fill your information at
  2. Prepare your membership payment. If you choose any society, the cost will be the amount of membership+society. For example, you want to be an IEEE member and you also want to join in Computer Society. So your total payment is 395.000 + 120.000 IDR = 515.000 IDR.
  3. Make your payment to BTPN 90220027831 on behalf of Astri Wulandari.
  4. Confirm your payment to IEEE Official LINE account: @hqj4981k.
  5. Enjoy your IEEE account and happy exploring the access!

For further information, you can ask our officer, at our Official LINE Account.